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Jiangsu Yizhen Jade Carving Factory, established in 1972, ranks among the producers designated by Shanghai Jewel and Art ware Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Province Art Ware Import and Export Co., Ltd. Our main products, made of high and middle-grade materials, include traditional ornamental designs such as incense burners, candlesticks, vases, flowers, birds, beasts, ancient ladies and statues of Buddha, and thousands of utility utensils like bowls, pots, cups, jewels, bead strings as well as imitations of Xun, Zun, Ding, etc. Our customers can be found in over twenty countries and regions, including America, Japan, Thailand, Hongkong. Our products blend the traditional Yangzhou jade craft and modern jade art and have been widely popular with our customers for their dainty, elegant and unique style. We have won numerous national prizes in the five Quality Contest nationwide. Two of our products have been kept in the national collection.

Jiangsu Yizhen Jade Carving Factory is located in the west of Yangzhou, right in the center of the Yangzi River Golden Triangle. With historically famous Yangzhou to the east, Nanjing(it has been the capitals of 6 dynasties) to the west, Ning-Tong express way to the north and the Yangzi River to the south, the factory is blessed with great facilities of communication, including the Ning-Qi railway, Run-Yang Changjiang Great Bridge and Nanjing-Jingjiang along-the-river avenue in construction.

Customers at home and overseas are welcome to visit our factory.

Contact Address: Luxun Mansion 12 Fl./Suite G, 568 Ou Yang Road, Shanghai 200081 P.R.China
Contact Telephone: 86-21-5671 9141, 5671 9142, 5666 6357
Contact Fax: 86-21- 5671 9140

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